MATTIMON Monitoring Services.

Our mission is to simplify the monitoring, reduce setup time and make it affordable to all companies.

With Mattimon we believe in simplicity and straight forward setup that is not complicated & does not take time to setup. Mattimon offers a PING style on the go monitoring for fast and easy monitoring of your sites and devices.

Mattimon ping service checks the status of your network, Servers & workstations every minute.

You get immediate notifications of status, latency, and uptime. You can add up to 5 additional contacts to receive notifications and unlimited devices and sites.

Need more Details? We have that also.

With Mattimon Monitoring we also have a monitoring agent for more in depth look of your devices health. By installing the MattiAgent to your devices you will be able to get real-time stats of servers & workstations health, ex CPU, MEMORY, DISK, NETWORK & LOG files. Get a snapshot of your devices in one place.

Be up and monitoring your networks within minutes.